Identifying the future. Re-calculating the past

We all know that history repeats itself: human behavior tends to be predictable, especially when it comes to money. Now, using the Forex Crystal Ball you can turn this repetitive behavior into cash!

You see it on the charts every time. You watch it on the news every day.

Think about the striking similarities between the Great Depression of the 1930s and the Great Recession of 2008. Both erupted after a time of economic prosperity , after banks introduced new credit tricks and of course following a period of real estate prices that exceeded normal value. The result? 50% average crash in the stock market for 1.5 years in the two periods.

Actually, if you think about any financial crisis in history, you can divide it accurately into five stages that repeat themselves every single time:

First, there is a rapid, disproportional, growth period. Then, problems arise but they are faced with denial policy by governments and central banks. The third stage is characterized by reluctantly accepting the facts that there are “some problems” that should be addressed. Next, the markets and people react in panic and things go downhill fast. The last stage is rectifying the crisis slowly over many years, reaching another prosperous growth period, and then repeating this scenario next time.

The cycle described above happens on a daily and weekly basis in the Forex markets as well, although in a smaller scale. Once you learn to take advantage of history repetition in Forex, you will see that it can be used to accurately predict the future, and here the Forex Crystal Ball steps in.

From the desk of Vladimir Ribakov

Top earning Forex trader and mentor

Hi traders,
I’ve been trading professionally for over 12 years and have seen the Forex market from all the possible angles. I started as a dealer for an execution desk and gradually climbed up the ladder until I traded for hedge funds. But, I wasn’t truly fulfilled from working for hedge funds and this is how I’ve founded my Forex blog 6 years ago. Several trading systems, one signals service and comprehensive trading course later… Today I am proud to be the owner of one of the biggest and most powerful Forex communities in the industry with numerous proven traders.

So... Let's talk business. Why do you need the Forex Crystal Ball and why has this system become one of the most favorite tools among my traders?
The Forex Crystal Ball is built on a unique concept, totally different from what the trading community has known so far. While everyone is trying to find strategies - I was trying to find the "behind the scenes" principles, the ones that are used only by the “BIG money” in the market. The Forex Crystal Ball gives you the edge that NO ONE else has - It shows you the best days to look for buy trades and the best days to look for sell trades.

This is as simple as it sounds.
Once you know the direction, your trading life will become so SIMPLE! All you are left to do is to enter a trade. And you know what? I’m taking care of this – I’m providing you with the full trading strategy. This strategy is the one that separates the traders who struggle - and those who make money from trading.
The accuracy and the simplicity of the system has crowned the Forex Crystal Ball as one of the top trading methods among the traders and testers who helped developing this strategy.

And just a little secret between you and me - the hedge funds I had worked for paid me a lot of money just to come and teach their traders the principles that I’m revealing in my Forex Crystal Ball.
When something works that well - can you blame them?

To your profitable trading,
Vladimir Ribakov

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The most comprehensive Forex history research ever

To create this Forex vision, my team and I have conducted what I believe is the most thorough Forex examination and analysis ever done. ALL Metatrader4 historical data, and I mean A-L-L data , has been analyzed… And here is a summary of the stats:

  • 10 full time traders
  • 3 built in MT4 indicators
  • 3 years
  • 2 statisticians
  • All currency pairs
  • Thousands of trade setups
  • Hundreds of testers
  • All MT4 indices and commodities
  • All timeframes
  • 5 programmers
  • Statistics scanner
  • 24*5 inspection

One mission statement: catch the biggest trends at the beginning

I am not aiming to reinvent the wheel. This is why the Forex Crystal Ball team doesn’t claim to “discover” or to “create” a new trading method. We’ve simply analyzed what worked extremely well in the past and focused all of our efforts on how to successfully apply it for today and for tomorrow’s trading- from the very start of a trend.

By using the Forex Crystal Ball you will be the first to make money from Forex long before others spot these opportunities. So far, all Forex trading systems and software are based on jumping on existing trends or on randomly buying or selling currency pairs when their indicators are triggered.

But, until the Forex Crystal Ball, no one has dug into the Forex history books like we’ve done. We left no stone unturned in our quest to find a profitable and safe Forex method in the world that will allow identifying strong trends and reversals from the very start.

How did we do it?

  • Investigation of historical tops, bottoms and trends – when they happen, how they develop and when they end.
  • Identifying the prevailing market and trading conditions when a strong uptrend or downtrend is formed or is reversed.
  • Grouping all the common patterns and similarities.
  • Applying this knowledge into future trades and inputting all the data into the first component of the Forex Crystal Ball.
  • Verifying historical repetition using another tool for double accuracy.

The end result is a high accuracy system that captures thousands of pips’ moves.

Two independent trading methods

The Forex Crystal Ball system consists of two separate elements. Below is a detailed description about the system because I don’t believe in black boxes. You deserve to know exactly what your money is doing and why. Please note that you don’t need to understand any Forex terms and strategies because you are getting detailed trade signals.

Component one: The Forex Crystal Ball Indicator

All the data collected from our mass scale research has been programmed into the Forex Crystal Ball Indicator that forecasts with an outstanding efficiency how a current day’s candle, the following day’s and 2 days later candles would look like. In other words – it gives you the probability of having 1, 2 or 3 bullish or bearish days in a row.

Component two: The Trades Statistics

Built and customized by the best professional statisticians, this table Identifies reliable reversal patterns on your chart , such as tops or bottoms. This table represents vertical support and resistance ranges which are analyzed separately from the Forex Crystal Ball Indicator as a separate confirmation. These statistics are used by the “big sharks” in the market.

Please note: this tool’s accuracy will blow your mind!

Duplicate verification process

The Forex Crystal Ball Indicator and the Trades Statistics could work very well as stand-alone trading tools, but we strive to be the best in the industry and to achieve the highest success so we combined them. Trade alerts are generated only when all the conditions are met, in both of them.

Now that you know the direction, it’s time to trade. How is it done?

1. Verified alerts for bullish or bearish moves expected

Get customized MT4 alerts and/or phone notifications once the conditions in both indicators are met- you get the most powerful moves.

2. Trading tunnel

Get the advantage of trading with the trend or catch the ultimate tops and bottoms.

3. Buy and Sell action zones

These zones give you the total edge by showing the best places to buy or sell.

AND… You are getting a full written manual that explains exactly how to trade and how Forex Crystal Ball traders earn their money.

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Forex Crystal ball Performance

Master your trading career

If you are reading this page, most likely you are not where you want to be yet in your trading career or you wouldn’t be here searching for ways to improve.

How would you feel if when you start your day, you’d know exactly how your day would look like? The currencies you are going to buy… The currencies you are going to sell… You will know when a trend is going to start and when it is going to end. How would you feel if you knew that today you will make money and tomorrow you will make money?

Think of all the trading mistakes you’ve done in the past… Most likely you knew the rules you wanted to follow but stretched them. I can also guarantee you’ve repeated the same type of mistakes over and over again in your trading account, vowed not to repeat them only to break this promise the following days.

Every player in the market is wired in the same way and today, using the Forex Crystal Ball, you can take advantage of other people’s behavior and use it to earn money.

How You Can Gain Access T0 Forex crystal ball

There are two ways you can access this product. You can either purchase it for the one-time listed price on this page, or you can sign up for (and fund) a brokerage account with one of our preferred brokers.

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Option #2: Opening an Account

For traders who do not wish to spend money to receive this product, a popular option is to open and fund a brokerage account with one of our preferred brokers. We will receive a small commission upon the completion of this process, but there is absolutely no cost to you and you will receive the software as soon as the account is funded.


It is extremely important to note that we have absolutely no loyalty and/or obligations to our list of preferred brokers. Our loyalty is always with you, the user. Therefore, if at anytime you feel you are not receiving proper service from the broker you signed up with, please reach out to us immediately. We do our best to only recommend brokers who have a strong record of outstanding customer service and financial integrity. Our main priority is providing the best trading product possible.

With that said, although Vladimir personally stands behind all of the recommended brokers, his sole focus is to help you become a successful trader, not grow the brokerage industry. So if you ever have any comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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“The future is like a corridor into which we can see only by the light coming from behind”

Edward Weyer Jr.

“The best way to predict the future is to study the past, or prognosticate.”

Robert Kiyosaki

“All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again”

J. M. Barrie

“If you watch close, history does nothing but repeat itself. What we call chaos is just patterns we haven't recognized.”

Chuck Palahniuk

“Each time history repeats itself, the price goes up”

Ronald Wright

It is not worth while to try to keep history from repeating itself, for man's character will always make the preventing of the repetitions impossible. “

Mark Twain